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Makha Bucha Day - No booze....No Worries!

There are a number of days in throughout the year that the Thai government sees a 24 hour ban on the sale of Alcohol; the 16th of February is one such day.

Don't worry though! You can order with us and get fully stocked beforehand, allowing you to enjoy a tipple at home that day.

For these days, which there are at least six of each year, would you not like to know how to shake, muddle, build and stir your favourite cocktails?? Then you should check out our GULP #cocktail workshops! 

Learn how to shake, stir and garnish like a pro as you make classic cocktails inspired by some of our favorite literary figures.
2-3 drinks in just 60 minutes, The Gulp team will teach you the keys to a perfectly balanced cocktail, all from the comfort of your own home
Whether you’re looking to develop (or improve) your skills, or just seeking a fun, COVID-friendly activity, Book now our online cocktail classes 💻
Our interactive, hands-on sessions – taught by our accomplished and professional team are the perfect balance of learning and fun. We’ll show you the basics while you shake, stir, measure, pour and garnish 2-4 cocktails that you get to enjoy, of course! ☺️
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