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Chivas Regal Extra

Chivas Regal Extra

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Chivas Regal Extra will satisfy the desires of the discerning whisky drinker with something exceptional - deep in aroma, rich in fruitiness and generous in sweetness.

It’s created with an exceptional blend of rare whiskies combined with malts whiskies aged in sherry casks from the Oloroso sherry bodegas in Spain.


Colour: Dark in shade with a warm amber glow.

Nose: Fruity sweet with notes of ripe pears and melon, creamy toffee, milk chocolate, cinnamon and a hint of ginger.

Taste: Sweet ripe pears in syrup, vanilla caramel, cinnamon sweets and almonds in the background.

Finish: Beautifully rounded mouth feel, leading to a long, luxuriant sweet finish

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