Alacart is an event, in which client can choose the spirits, cocktails and add more creativity, so each item will be chargeable. 

In other words, it is an event reflecting the customer’s choice of the drinks and payment, calculated according to the amount actually used.

Event type can be separated into five main sections:


Class - cocktail-making lessons with the tutor and assistance

Party - any type of the party, including staff and cocktail choices

Pop-up - creative and temporary events that are hosted in unique places for a few hours or a few days

Wedding - more than just parties, may combine several parties in one day and contain a lot of small details and a personalized theme

Tasting - degustation of some specified products and their perfect combinations

In this case, whole event price is calculated by the amount of alcohol and ingredients that were actually used. There are also some details that may be included, such as:

- Glassware - Bar service - Man power - Transport - Decoration

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