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Citadelle Original Gin 700ml

Citadelle Original Gin 700ml

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Citadelle Gin was originally developed in a Dunkirk distillery in the late 18th Century, and at that time Dunkirk was one
of the early European ports for explorers of the Orient, who brought back herbs and spices from the Far East, resulting
in a fabulous Gin made with 19 different botanicals. On the nose of Citadelle Gin, Juniper is prominent with sweet orange
loosely behind along with a refreshing green

note from the cardamom, violet, coriander and floral brightness in the mix. When enters the mouth, again, Juniper and
citrus apparent upfront together with a dry, peppery finish.

Product Info:​

ABV : 44% Alc.

ML : 700 ML

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