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Harahorn GIN

Harahorn GIN

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In North American folklore this creature is known as Jackalope. In Norway, we know it as the Harahorn. Harahorn is also the name of a Norwegian Mountain.

From that mountain plateau, beneath the northern lights, we pick the wonderful juniper berries for our Norwegian Gin.

We traced the Harahorn’s tracks through abandoned mountain farms where we find our rhubarb, to the deep forests of the Norwegian Lowlands where we harvest our blueberries.

Add Angelica and marjoram, and our handcrafted small-batch gin is complete.

A taste of Norway, with a dash of folklore.

A traditional production method is used with the redistilling of macerated herbs and berries.

ABV 45%
Produced in Grimstad,
Norway by Det Norske Brenneri.