Free flow is an event, held for a short period of time or no more than 5 hours. Thus, there will be one price charge for the whole event.

This type of event is specified with our own drink choice for the customer, all event expenses are calculated per person.


Price for event includes: 

- Glassware (if needed, we provide glassware for the whole time of event)

- Bar service (professional bartenders at the desk)

- Man power (manager, logistics and other staff)

- Transport (bring all alcohol end ingredients and leave the place clean)

Event type can be separated into three main sections:

Party - any type of the party, including staff and cocktail choices

Tasting - degustation of some specified products and their perfect combinations

Class - cocktail-making lessons with the tutor and assistance


For Free Flow we provide 3 choice of packages with the transportation charged separately (depending on location).

Basic options for a 3-hour event, including two cocktail choices, glassware, decoration and staff are:

10+ people

30+ people

50+ people

1590 THB / person*

 990 THB / person*

890 THB / person*

*For some events price can change to a lower of bigger one depending on the personal needs of our clients.
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