Happy Negroni Week!

Let’s learn about the history of the negroni.

A lot of cocktails were invented by careful trial and error, but sometimes a fussy Italian señor just wants a stronger drink. Meet the Negroni! Count Camillo Negroni loved the Americano cocktail, the snazzy mix of Campari, vermouth, and soda water but in 1919, he wanted something with a bit more kick to it. So, he told his bartender, “Hey, compa, forget about soda, throw some of that gin in, will you?” So the bartender mixed equal parts of gin, Campari, and vermouth. To make sure it looked like a new drink, he added orange garnish instead of the Americano’s lemon. Tada! The Negroni cocktail was born. The Negroni family was quick to cash in on the success of this accidental blockbuster. They founded the Negroni distillery in the same year and started producing ready-made Negroni called Antico Negroni.


It gets remixed all the time. Use whisky instead of gin, and you get the Boulevardier. Use Canadian rye whisky and you have an Old Pal. Swap gin with tequila, and ay caramba, enjoy a Negroni. If you’re feeling giddy today, and a bit Italiano, find an old-fashioned glass and mix yourself a Negroni, three types of booze and a hell of a character!


Here at Gulp we have our own variations of Negronis so you can take your pick!


Asian Negroni Set (3,800 Baht)

Our Japanese twist on this classic drink!

  • Roku Gin x1
  • Campari x 1
  • Mancino Sweet Vermouth x 1


Iron Balls Negroni (3,700 Baht)

Try all times classic with an amazing gin from southeast Asia, Iron balls!

  • Iron Balls Gin x1 (learn more about this in our blog post here – Alexey add the link)
  • Campari x1
  • Mancino Sweet Vermouth x1


Sparkling Negroni Red or White (3,200 Baht)

We love our Negroni's, and we love experiments! Here is our version of the famous bitter drink, now you can enjoy it with bubbles!


  • Roku Gin x1
  • Rinomato Red x1
  • Sprezza Red x4 or Sprezza White x4



Order yours now on our website to celebrate Negroni Week!